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classic YLYL thread


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thats a hamster


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proof it.


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it fucking looks like a hamster


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so it will be easy for you to proof. still waiting.


dwarf hamster


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kanker zooi


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still one of my favs.


I recognize that gay blowjob


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How did Leia even know of Obi-Wan Kenobi? He spent his entire, life after her birth, in a cave keeping an eye on Luke.


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Im done. someone else should proceed.


looks more like a gerbil to me, sitting on it's tail.


Thats why its not called health and fitness any more


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Zs doesn't get an apostrophe. This list is retarded.


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Fucking good one


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what the fuck that dog has a two sided dildo attached to its whatever


How TF are drugs, stretchmarks, mirrors ect. considered creepier than scat and vomit? I've worked in the sex industry for over a decade and let me tell you, barfing and shitting is much more rare and frowned upon (except in Germany, but ya'll are gross anyway. And obesity fetishes are considered deeper than all of that? No way


googled floor tiles once. never again


Fuck off



is this celling on the floor?


Her foster parents fuckwit


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Hey I'm putting together a team


Some people who do things that are cool become more rich and famous than people who do things that are more important and harder to achieve. It's called "how the world has been fucking working since forever".


That's the America we all dream of except niggers ruin things for everyone so it'll never happen


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I've never seen the original :(


hamsters make better mice, just like men make better women.


/b/ro I used to be like that. General anxiety caused by health issues I wasn't aware of. I thought it was social anxiety.
Anyway makes me wonder if pre internet kids are smarter than kids that grew up in internet algorithms.


???the dogs asshole wtf???


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No but the laboratory gas lines do run under the computer floor, along with the sprinkler system to protect them.


Shotafags irl


I don't get it


oen guckkter tdid tthsi a thfair in town he lean ridhgt over and rippen the canvabds dicling oin plavece and laanded about a block away insomeosn yeard

you can still see the fhol duct tapoe ovr thte rtornflbg e


Antifa need to put their masks back on.


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yes, Ritchie invented all those things, but only a genius like Jobs could decipher the esoterica and make it useful and understood and create a market for more than 4 people


are you having a stroke?


Cropped a work of art, faggot






We truly live in a society


This is a ylyl thread, not facts thread. Still lost.


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this isn't funny. The guy is making the soyboy open mouth smile and he just looks like a douchebag. The retard hat, the skinny jeans, that stupid fucking haircut




this girl was doxxed after this meme became popular


bud spencer was italian, you fucking retard kraut


still 10 scales ahead of chucky the cuck. seethe


Lost out loud


Where does having sex with diplomas come on this?


"Quacking this plane, with no survivors"


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I like this very much


>invented quite literally one of the first open standardizations of code; C.
>invented a precursor operating system to make it possible to use multiple tasks on one computing device; this operating system not only was inexpensive, but it ran on cheaply made devices, making the purchasing of a device necessary to begin work pretty negligible.
>invented the operating system which everyone uses on their home computers, so as to make it easier to access open source systems, so as to make it possible for anyone on the consumer market to use his new inventions.
you know bullshitting doesn't go well bud.


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"I've had it with these mothafuckin' drakes, on this mothafuckin' plane


Mexican Sugar Dancing always gets me…


that shit can't be real

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