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Why haven't you become a nudist yet?

Lacking confidence? Maybe get your shit together, and start hanging out naked with friends and family like a decent human being. Trust me, your clothes aren't fooling anyone.

It's time to get over the shame, and free the body


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Always wondered how people who were rised in this situation vS does who weren't would approach sexual situations. The whole puberty and body developing thing been always present. Constant skin contact with, not just family members but, practically everybody you meet. Anyone with actual experience around?


I've been involved in social nudism for almost 20 years, and in that time, I've seen exactly one black nudist family. They were good people. But it does seem that nudism is at least 90% white in the US and Europe.


it's cold where I live and I like how I look in certain outfits.


Went to a nudist beach with my girlfriend for the first time this year. It was so fucking busy everywhere else that she suggested it and I was like: Fuck it, if it means I can get away from shouting and crying kids and adults, I don't care if people see my dick flopping left to right as I walk to go for a swim.


>like a decent human being


Do you dislike how you look naked?


that shit is cold. Much nicer being warm


Look up research by P. Okami on the subject. People raised in nudist homes tend to have a later age of first intercourse (not as curious), less teen pregnancy, and less juvenile criminality.


I'm cold, that's why


hmmm, interesting


Get a big blanket, cuddle up on the sofa with someone warm.


How was it?


I'm not a nudist because it's like 38 degrees out.

When summer hits I'll be at the nude beach at least once a week. The nude beach near me is known for having a lot of lesbians, and my new roommate is a midwestern lesbian who is trying to discover herself. I mentioned the nude beach and her face lit up, so we are hella going to go check out girls and enjoy nature.

This summer is going to be nice.


Great man, everyone is just normal about it as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Highly recommended, will do again next summer.
Seems like the only people freaking out about nudists are the insecure ones who won't even consider it.

Insecurity as in body insecurity and the insecurity about the guarantee that your girlfriend will be seeing other dicks, imagine being so cucked and insecure to the point where that bothers you though.


I went to a nudist beach when I was 15 to look at boobies.

Turned out it was a gay nudist beach and got fucking touched.


>Why haven't you become a nudist yet?
Why HAVE you?


Insecurity is the least sexy thing in the world. Whatever you got, if you've got confidence, you'll be just fine. You're damn right.


Because we are born to be naked in most situations. It's healthier for my body, my mind, my relationships, and my mood. It makes me feel more connected to myself and those around me. Naked people are nicer, more honest with themselves and others, and more relaxed and confident.

I don't want to be accepted for the image I can create. I want to be accepted for who I am. Nudism makes that possible. Nudist friends are the best friends. Nudist families are the closest families.


Thanks for sharing.


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>why not nudist?
well i dont wanna walk around with a boner all the damn time, plus im told that is considered rude by nudists


>white guy
>black penis




Damn nice tittays


>Went to a nudist beach with my girlfriend for the first time this year.
it's January so are you in Australia?


You get over that quickly, because it's not a sexual situation. More guys have problems with shrinkage due to nerves, when they're new to it.

It's not considered rude to get an erection, so long as you're not being a jerk about it. People understand how bodies work. Just go for a swim, and it'll go away.


Mine's not as dark, but much darker than the rest of me. I tell people I'm black where it counts. Some people are just like that.


Hell yeah


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Nah I'm retarded, meant to say last summer, like normal people I too live in the Northern hemisphere.


yeaeh i think most whitish people have darker genitalia because it's nature's way of protecting them from the sun but that guy's dick looked reaelly dark. he's probably a med


>Why haven't you become a nudist yet?
i haven't taken a solid shit in years and I would leave skid marks everywhere and my ass smells like shit. that's why.


>Why haven't you become a nudist yet?
i haven't taken a solid shit in years and I would leave skid marks everywhere and my ass smells like shit. that's why.


Because I weigh 300 pounds no one wants to see that


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maybe idk i dont think id get over it cause im horny bastard plus id be cold all the time and i hate being cold


Like most people, I look better with clothes on.


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wait… you dont go fingernail deep into your asshole with a wet wipe every time you shit?

the future is now old man.


Ok. You need to eat a lot of fiber, drink a lot of water, take a multivitamin, and work on your basic health and hygiene.

Your clothes are not hiding 300lbs. Might as well be who you are and live your life with some confidence.

We're all horny bastards. The novelty wears off, you realize it's not a sexy atmosphere or situation, and your body relaxes. It's fine.

Nobody's judging you. You're fine just the way you are.


i had a boyfriend that was into it. basically anytime we were home, we were naked. At first it was weird but i got used to it. Honestly it kinda stuck with me, even now 3/4 of the time im home im just in underwear and a hoodie or something


I think most people don't get it. At least for me, it's not about seeing others, or how they see me. Most people don't care about who else is there.
I wouldn't call myself nudist, but my wife and me go to the nudist beach quite often, and when the weather allows it, we stay naked at home and around the pool. A few friends have joined us and they enjoyed it too.
It's nothing sexual, really. It's just comfortable, and feels great.


man when we couldn't find toilet paper last year i started using wet wipes. jeez they are so much better. toilet paper just smears the shit. wet wipes are almost like getting your anus licked. mmmmmm


nothing wrong with nude beaches.
nudism on its own is fine but can be a little goofy.
Here in oregon we have a handful of nude beaches but almost always they are basically a cruising location for dude/dude stuff. Not a family spot or anything.
plus its really rare to have weather you want to be naked in.


>It's not that nudity is addicting, I think, so much as it's that clothes are kind of a pain in the ass once you get used to being without them.

this. 100% this. especially for women. If i dress comfortable all the time, i look like a lazy bum. If not, it takes me an hour to get ready in the morning.


>I don't want to be accepted for the image I can create. I want to be accepted for who I am
What you are but sum of what you DO?


Not supposed to flush them, your drain pipes will clog or even burst eventually, don't fuck with that shit my dude


They are hiding how it looks though (really bad)


>that spacing
Quit wasting oxygen, inbred monkey.


his is good advice. even when they say they're flushable, they're not.


That depends on location.
I've been flushing them for years without any problem, but drain pipes here are decent. Even the box specifies that they are ok to flush.
In other parts of the world, they might not be up to the task, though…


Look for AANR-approved camps and resorts. They're family-oriented, with background checks and security.

I am also my physical presence in the world. I'm my actions, yes. But also my thoughts, words, and I am my body.

There are people your size at my nudist camp, and they're some of the most fun to be around. No one judges them for their bodies, just like none of us want to be judged for our bodies.

We're all at our best the way nature made us, really. All that primping and styling and dressing doesn't really add anything.


yeah i know all that
thanks for assuming im a retard


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> it will wear off
you have alot of faith in me


>You're fine just the way you are.
No, I'm not. And neither are most people.


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Ya'll are seriously insecure. No one cares. No one is judging you, because no one wants to be judged, either. The most beautiful people are often the most painfully aware of their own flaws. Shed all that. Be your body, and let that be good enough.


nudism is an excuse for casual sex and once you go down the rabbit hole, it almost always means incest.
change my mind.


Np, comes with being an anon on this board, free retard badge.


Virgins, niggers, jews and faggy Zuluretards


No, if you make a claim, you are the one obligated to back it up with evidence. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Next.


Someone who jumps to conclusions like this is not worth the time and effort to even attempt to change their mind. If without any evidence you simply spout this "truth" and fully believe it, you're a lost cause.


Because I'm not Angolan.


What's it like being uncomfortable in your own skin?


Nice man


Those nudist kids definitely get molested


File: 1610657491263.jpg (471.13 KB, 1000x750, 1610652722797.jpg)

Naturist families are happy families.


I used to do the nudist thing back in the day. Sex wasn't really part of it, but people did hook up occasionally. There are nudist places all over the US, you just have to look for them.


Show the evidence that it happens more often than to non-nudist kids. You can't, because that's bullshit.


the daughter looks fun. I'd fuck her


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>be cold
>be naked
>give zero fucks

Why can't you be as strong as this girl, /b/?


No they don't. They are better adjusted than evangelical kids.


'Cause I've got a little bitty dick and I don't like being laughed at.


i would do it just to fuck hippie milfs


It's probably average size, porn fucked your mind?


No one cares. Really. None of the strangers at any nudist camp, beach, or resort give a single fuck about your dick.

Don't spend your life as a prisoner in your own body. As soon as it stops mattering to you, it stops mattering to the entire universe.


File: 1610657865375.jpg (22.58 KB, 450x299, 1610653116243.jpg)

No they don't. They are better adjusted than evangelical kids.


they get raped by their parents


Bullshit. No more often than non-nudist kids do. Show the evidence or gtfo.


show the evidence or gtfo, clown. every nudist kid is fucked in the head. Because they've been raped so much.


Troll harder, creep. Keep your sick fantasies to yourself.


Post milkers


nudist kids are raped. you know it that's why you resort to calling me a "troll" because you have no rebuttal.


> Makes baseless claim without citing evidence.
> Shifts burden of proof on others to refute baseless claim
> Namecalling to anyone who disagrees

Lemme guess, you're a religiousfag, or a conservacuck


i didnt have the ass pic thanks anon

what? i was talking about getting boners all the time im not that insecure lmao i just dont wanna get my ass kicked for having a raging hard on


No more often than non-nudist kids. It happens because there are shitty people in every walk of life, but nudist kids are no more at risk than any other kids. Plus, they get to grow up with a positive body image that isn't distorted by porn, models, and celebrities. Nudist kids are proven to have far fewer eating disorders, to have first intercourse later in life, to have fewer teen pregnancies, and to have fewer instances of juvenile crime. They're happier and healthier, and the science proves that.


I actually feel so much more comfortable when I'm naked lol


Cuz I couldn't control myself and have boner h24 if I am around naked women


File: 1610658345420.jpg (108.58 KB, 750x1334, 1610653998291.jpg)

i didnt have the ass pic thanks anon

what? i was talking about getting boners all the time im not that insecure lmao i just dont wanna get my ass kicked for having a raging hard on


No one cares about your penis. Just don't go around like a creep or a jerk, and you'll be fine. Go for a swim, it will go away. Stop obsessing about your dick.


So would the father. His hand didn’t end up there by accident


File: 1610658437395.jpg (191.04 KB, 1066x1600, 1610654249701.jpg)

Is that Damon Albarn?


Jesus Christ, no one gives a shit about your hard peepee. Forget about it, and it will go away on its own. If it doesn't, still, no one gives a shit. Getting hard penises or nipples is a normal, natural, healthy body function. Just don't be a creep about it.


This is what the majority of people you will see in any nudist venue look like. Trust me, erections are not a problem. You are guaranteed, if you're under 40, to be one of the most attractive people there.


File: 1610658538592.jpg (318.26 KB, 960x1280, 1610654490106.jpg)

forgot pic


Easy to say when it ain't your dick.


I have a dick. It's about 5", average thickness. I'm a grower, not a shower. So, it's about 1.5" when soft. The people at my nudist camp have see it shrunken up with cold or nerves, and fully erect, and at every stage in between, and I've never had any sort of sexual interaction with any of them. None of them have ever made any comments about it. No one has ever given a single shit about my penis, except me and my gf. And we like it just fine.


They maybe talk about it behind your back.


File: 1610658757027.jpg (185.64 KB, 1000x750, 1610655103289.jpg)

>dont be a creep
that will be the hard part tbh lol

thats my fav pornstar if they look like her im fixing to bust a nut


Holy shit, the insecurity!

Most people aren't shitty. They don't judge other people by their bodies, especially when their own bodies are far from perfect and on display to everyone. That shared vulnerability makes people a lot nicer.

And if they're shitty people who do judge me by my penis, idgaf what they think or say. I have a lot of friends there, and we all get along just fine.

We're adults. It's not middle school.


why are nudists always fatasses


No, because that's simply not the level nudists seem to stoop to, seeing someone naked is as normal to them as seeing someone clothed walking down the street. Literally no one cares.




Go to any Walmart or grocery store in America, and look around. Those are the same body types you'll see in any nudist camp. Americans tend to be fatasses. There are good looking people in all of those places, and nudist venues, too. But for some reason, the better-looking a person is, the more painfully aware of their own flaws they tend to be. Generally, the less insecure someone is, the more likely they are to go to a nudist venue. People who tend to work hard on making themselves beautiful tend to do so because they are insecure.


I make fun of the clothes people wear or their weird face all the time. Why should nudists be any different about the things they see on the people they encounter?


Hopefully, they're more mature than your average 13 year old. Your behavior sucks. No one really likes anyone who acts like that.


Sure they do. Plenty of people like me. I don't know what to tell you if you really believe that making fun of people behind their backs isn't common behavior among adults.


Same reason they choose to pursue nudism, a general acceptance of everyone as long as they behave in a normal manner.
Also the reason clothes are banned in many nudist locations, expose your own weaknesses to see others'.
From what I've seen it's a whole sort of community where nudist beaches are often filled with people who frequent the same places, suppose it requires a certain mindset that is indicative of a person who doesn't randomly make fun of people. Just my experience man, but trying to answer how I think it works.


Definitely. You never really see many people other than plain white in nudist and naturist places


They don't like you. They're as fake to your face as you are to the faces of the people you shit-talk behind their backs. They act like they like you because they don't want you to shit-talk them, too.

When I hear an adult talking shit about someone behind their back, I realize how painfully insecure and immature that person is, and avoid them. If you try to build yourself up by tearing others down, you're a loser, a coward, and no one likes you. At least have the courage to talk your shit to the person's face.


People who don't care what they look like are often nudists
People who don't care what they look like are often fatasses

Not that hard to figure out.


I heard hippy hollow in Texas is a sausage party !.


>At least have the courage to talk your shit to the person's face.

Why? I have no desire to hurt their feelings? Plus it would be really weird to go up to someone waiting in line at a restaurant and say, "Your Ed Hardy shirt is lame." It's much more enjoyable to turn to my wife and discreetly say, "Check out that douche."


If someone thought my penis looked small, I don't want them to come tell me.


man, she wouldn't touch your stinky butt with a 10ft pole


I've heard the same. Lots of homosexuals.


I always wanted to go wife very large not comfy in a swimsuit!.let alone nude.


Nudism is gross and degenerate
Were not living in 2000BC retards
Use clothes like civilized people



spotted the Southern Baptist

go swing your bible somewhere else, Jethro


File: 1610659667615.jpg (80.68 KB, 800x533, 1610657075157.jpg)

>Civilized people in modern times


the right one is hot


I live in Turkey dude
I'm a atheist not a christcuck or amerimutt



There is like huge overlap between deranged nudists and pedos so I'm guessing those kids don't have such a great approach


File: 1610659852941.jpg (28.58 KB, 474x299, 1610657281079.jpg)

Turks are the scum of the earth


Because I'm a 40 year old virgin and I get hard and my penis drips precum when a woman smiles at me or touches me


I didnt say I'm a Turk
I just said i lived in Turkey
Also i agree with your statement


Not even from the USA, I'm from a country a lot of your brethren seem to flee to in hopes of better lives. With a bit of luck you're a based Turk who's not in favour Erdogan and you deserve a better country to live in.


Not a single nudist outside the general german-Scandinavian area mostly a vestige of the interbellum libertines and or 60s hippie culture, make fun of them wherever you encounter them


I doubt that's because of the nudism itself






You know you can be a southern baptist anywhere in the world, right?

I wasn't being literal anyways.

Usually someone who relates nudity with degeneracy does so from religious indoctrination as there's nothing unnatural about nudity.

Don't try to argue it. Just think it.



Do I get to fuck my hot teen daughter or rape any of the females at all l or is this evolutionary atavism and return to primal instincts limited to just freeballing when at the beach?


I don't think you get what naturism is about.

You do, however; represent what keeps it as a fringe movement


Alright I'll give you a pass for being dumb cause the kurds are based


Shut up mutt both nudism and politics are dumb


Suck my cock nigger


>Why haven't you become a nudist yet?
Haven't taken the plunge to go to a nudist camp/beach/sauna/what have you. I'm basically naked all the time in my apartment, but when people visit I still get dressed.


I could drive an 18-wheeler over that bridge


>the one on the left isn't a girl


Because who wants to be on the fucking sex offender registry list? Whoever thinks getting nude in front of people is ever okay should be placed in fucking jail.


I thought the left one was female but he has a dick.

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