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Why can’t I stop fucking fat white women?




probably because it's easy. I just did it today.




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I love fatties too


literally just be nice to them and give them the slightest bit of attention. They are dying for someone to make them feel worthy and pretty, and they all have shit self esteem.

all I want in life is a skinny girl whose ass isn't bigger than my whole pelvis.


Pics of her?


Because you are based and THICC-pilled


ok thanks!


because they fuck better


That's obese not thic


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How about this?


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ok fine i'll fap. MOOOORE


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Trips of truth

Seriously though fat girls are fun and appreciate a good sex drive


don't have any. Im not attracted enough to take pics of her. I close my eyes and pretend she's my fit crush who ignores my DMs lol


true. she literally squirted on my dick while I was cumming in her. When I tell u that shit felt amazing good god


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Is there something like Tinder/Bumble but for just big girls?


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Gotta love it when fatties know they're sexy


she needs her holes invaded and creamed and be treated as a cow


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Because they're desperate?


Maybe the ones who look like fucking ogres. The ones with big tits and pretty faces think they deserve 1% of the top men like their fit friends.


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Cause they are easy and you have little to no standards.


just go on pof or pay for a month of opckupid and sort va bodytype.


This. Or try wooplus


Fuck fat girls are great


think so? couldn't tell ya OP i think the girl is pretty and I can't seem to fuck a fit girl.


No, because no girl would want to be on a dating platform for "big girls"


WooPlus anon


They smell


How can I get the bbw girl I'm chatting with to send me some pics? She's shy


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Does she already know you like fat chicks and find her attractive?


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